Why Visit Bill Dobson Ford of Washtn Inc for an Oil Change?

Incredible value.

Bill Dobson Ford of Washtn Inc provides a comprehensive checkup to help ensure your vehicle operates at optimal performance levels. As part of this service, your Lincoln will undergo a multi-point inspection, oil change with synthetic blend oil, and tire rotation, all at a very competitive price.

Oil Change Offers

The Works®* synthetic blend oil change and more

*Up to six quarts of Motorcraft® oil and Motorcraft oil filter. Hybrid battery test excluded. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. See Service Advisor for details. Expires 12/31/21.

Time and convenience.

When you make an appointment at Bill Dobson Ford of Washtn Inc, an oil change should be a very fast process. Plus, you'll enjoy the comfort of relaxing in a clean, comfortable waiting room with free Wi‐Fi and refreshments.

Trust in our knowledge and expertise.

With today's hi‐tech vehicles, even something seemingly as simple as an oil change requires up‐to‐date knowledge of a vehicle's engine and its specs. You get that at Bill Dobson Ford of Washtn Inc. We have the right parts, tools and techs to help ensure your service is done correctly the first time.

Why are oil changes so important?

Oil is the lifeblood of your Ford and keeps it ready to conquer the streets of Vincennes IN. Over time, your oil gets contaminated with dirt and debris through daily use. Scheduled oil changes ensure that your oil is free of contaminates to keep your engine properly lubricated. When your engine isn't lubricated, excess friction occurs which can overheat your engine and shorten its lifespan. Experts recommend having your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every three months. If your oil light is on, your Ford is overheating, or if you're experiencing reduced fuel economy, be sure to have your oil changed right here at Bill Dobson Ford.

The Ford Service Credit Card

The Ford Service Credit Card is a financing option that lets you pay for all service maintenance and repairs, including The Works® at Bill Dobson Ford of Washtn Inc and other Ford Dealers across the U.S. It only takes a few minutes to apply and receive the decision.

Upon credit approval, you'll be provided with a credit line to assist you with all instore purchases, including:

  • Ford Motorcraft® batteries
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Tires
  • Extended service plans
  • Rental vehicle
  • Body shop repairs/deductions
  • And more

The Ford Service Credit Card

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