You have places to be in Jasper, IN, and people to see in Lawrenceville, IL. Why not do it in style? Bill Dobson Ford has the car, truck, or crossover you need for you to make a statement. The whole time you will be saving money while driving the Ford you love, no matter what kind it is.

Whether you have had your eye set on the iconic Ford Mustang, the legendary Ford Explorer or powerful Ford F-150, make your next Ford a lease from Bill Dobson Ford, the Washington, Indiana Ford Dealer Serving Evansville, IN drivers with pride. Not only do you get your initial choice of vehicle, after about three years, but you can also re-evaluate your situation, and decide if you need something larger, something newer or something more powerful, to get you around Vincennes, IN.

Leasing a Ford from Bill Dobson Ford lets you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on the life of a vehicle, because you aren't paying the depreciation of years you aren't driving it. Leasing lets you have the best years of a Ford model, the first few years, which means you miss out on most major maintenance or repairs that may come as a result of your typical wear-and-tear. For everything else, the Ford Lease warranty will cover your vehicle. Think of how much you'll save just by missing out on those costly routine service visits.

Leasing allows you to take advantage of the latest Ford models that make their way to Washington, IN. When your typical three-year lease term expires, consider if you want to upgrade to the newest version of your model, start driving something else completely, or if you love what you're driving, keep that one, and Bill Dobson Ford will help you re-work your lease to fit your payments.

Your lease isn't limited to just the new Ford models at Bill Dobson Ford. As part of the Ford leasing program, you have access to more than 50 pre-owned models that match your style and personality. There is no better way to save over the course of your lease. Leasing a new or used vehicle offers drivers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to exploring your options. It all comes down to your personal preference. No matter which option you choose, you can't go wrong when you drive a new or used vehicle from Bill Dobson Ford.