Three Things to Consider When Servicing Your Car for Winter

As the cold temperatures and winter weather descend upon Washington, Indiana, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is in the right shape to deal with the upcoming months. Both cold weather, road conditions, and road treatments can be hard on your vehicle, and you want to make sure it is ready to cope with whatever comes next. Bill Dobson Ford near Evansville, IN is here to help you with three things to look for when giving your vehicle it’s winter service.


Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep you and your family safe this winter is making sure that your vehicle has the right tires for the season. Winter’s cold temperatures and icy and snowy roads will render summer tires practically useless when it comes to providing grip. That’s because neither the rubber compound or tread pattern are designed for winter service.

Switching your vehicle to winter tires will give you the grip and control you need to deal with whatever winter throws at us in Vincennes, IN. The softer rubber compound has an easier time finding grip on cold asphalt surfaces, while special tread blocks and sipes can grip snow and ice to help keep you moving and in control.

Oil Changes

By now you know that keeping your engine running smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles involves regular oil and filter changes. But when the temperatures drop, that service becomes more important than ever. The most damage done inside your engine happens when starting and driving it in the cold. That’s because your oil is more slow flowing in cold temperatures, so it takes a bit longer to circulate through the entire engine. The older your oil is, the harder time it’s going to have lubricating your engine in cold temperatures, so ensuring that you’re up to date on your oil changes is an important part of winter vehicle service.

Alignment Service

Whether it’s salt causing corrosion or pot holes jarring your suspension, the underside of your vehicle takes a beating both during and after winter. With alignment services at our dealership, our expert technicians will inspect and measure your suspension and correct any issues that are found. If replacement parts are necessary, we’ll always let you know before we change them, but you’ll always leave with a vehicle that rides and handles the way that it should.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

If your vehicle needs some help dealing with winter weather, visit our dealership today! We’ll help you with all of your winter vehicle service needs so you can drive with confidence no matter what mother nature is serving up.

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